Cambridge Tranfer

MyRepChat, a communication platform created by a financial advisor and centered around a text message, is proud to have been selected by Cambridge Investment Research to support it’s advisors and staff. This page is dedicated to current subscribers of Hearsay Relate and intended to ensure a smooth transition from Hearsay Relate to MyRepChat. 

What’s happened so far:

  1. Your MyRepChat account has been created
  2. Training of MyRepChat has begun and will continue to ensure new users are familiar with MyRepChat
  3. You’ve exported, and sent to a list of your contacts from Hearsay that have consented

What’s Next?

  1. Complete the form below
  2. MyRepChat will transfer your Hearsay Relate number to MyRepChat
  3. MyRepChat will notify you once your number has been moved and your account is ready to be used