MyRepChat now integrates with Riskalyze!

Why did we create this integration? Did you know the average person will receive up to 120 emails per day and emails only have about a 20% open rate? A text message has a 99% chance of getting opened and the best part is, most of time it’s read in under 90 seconds. 

This integration allows an advisor not only the ability to increase the likelihood that the questionnaire is received, but they can also increase the speed at which the questionnaire is completed. What’s even better is the risk score is populated within MyRepChat to ensure if/when an advisor is engaged in a discussion with their client that they can immediately remind themselves and the client about their previous risk profiles and even update the profile as needed.


Calling Features

New calling features allow users who created a new number to be able to have incoming calls forwarded to any number of their choosing. This forwarding number can be changed when necessary. The new calling features allow users to make their texting number active for both inbound and outbound calls. For inbound calls, the MyRepChat user also has the ability to create a dedicated voicemail. When a new message is present, an alert will show up in the clients chat history.


MyRepChat now offers the ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls. Recorded calls show up directly in the chat history for a client and are archived.


When a user has MyRepChat record phone calls, they can also choose to have transcripts created automatically. These transcripts, along with the recording, will show up in the chat history. Transcripts can also be sent directly to any CRM(s) established and will be archived.

Additional Logins

Users have always been able to create additional log ins for their account. This new feature enables assistants and co-advisors to share the same account without sharing log in credentials. In the past, users were asked to contact ionlake customer service to generate additional log ins. Now, this can be done right from a users account settings page.

Account Settings

The “Gear” symbol located at the top right of the home screen within the web application has always been your resource for many settings. Our new Account Settings “Gear” will house so much more information and the layout makes it even easier to manage your add-ons, integrations, and settings.

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