MyRepChat now has an archiving relationship with Vault America

Vault America is an archiving solution for businesses that need to meet regulatory compliance requirements or need email securely archived and easily accessible with a service that’s fast and scalable. Emails are archived using the journal mailbox ensuring all emails are archived without fail.  Several features include advanced search and eDiscovery, alert creation, user access control management and attachment managers, and advanced reporting via insights.



Intradyn allows subscriber to harness simple yet powerful search capabilities designed to help you accurately and effectively find what you are looking for.

  • Find text messages by phone numbers or text content, even typos and misspellings are covered
  • Export one, some or all in native or PDF format
  • Intuitive Email-like interface for mobile messaging search and eDiscovery


Bi-Directional Updates

Users of the Redtail, Wealthbox, Salesforce, SmartOffice, and vTiger can all now take advantage of our bi-directional CRM features. 

This enhanced feature allows users to:

  1. Create contacts in their CRM right from MyRepChat
  2. Update contact details in their CRM right from MyRepChat
  3.  Auto create contacts in their CRM when a text message comes from an unknown number

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