Lauren Sells

“My name is Lauren Sells. I have a background in professional customer service and customer development spanning over the last  8+ years and am finishing a degree in human resource management, which Derrick gives me a hard time for. I enjoy being able to connect with people and give them the tools to thrive and be successful.

I feel blessed to be working at ionlake because we get to establish relationships with advisors and firms all around the United States. I believe we have a tool that is continuously developing to stay the best on the market as a compliant text solution. I am really proud of our team and leadership and the work they put in every day. 

My husband (pictured above) and I will be celebrating our second anniversary this October and our first child, a baby girl, will be born a month later! We own a small business selling kettle corn at local farmers markets, city events, and concerts which consumes most of our weekends during the summer. Overall, we love life and work to grow and develop a little more every day. “

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